The Best Cat Trackers With Geo-Fence (Virtual Safe Zone) You Can Buy in 2021

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Cats are curious animals, they can’t help to wander and marvel around the world. But do you know where does your cat go when it leaves the house? Moreover, do you know if it can avoid danger and stay safe? I used to get utterly anxious when mine was missing for some hours.

So, to avoid cutting off its freedom because of my anxiety I gave my cat a tracker. The result? An enormous peace of mind and a heart bursting with pride as my little love avoids danger and owns the space we live in.

Would you like to transform your anxiety too? Well, read on and make a wise choice, because we are going to talk about the best trackers in the market.

What Is a Cat Tracker and Why Should I Get One?

Let’s start from the very beginning so we can tackle this topic entirely and evacuate all your doubts. To put it in simple terms, a cat tracker is a device that emits a signal that is then picked up by a receiver. This pair can help you locate your cat in real-time. Furthermore, it can even tell you where it has been and for how long.

Getting one, as we said before, contributes to peace of mind. In case you were not aware of US pet statistics, there are over 180M cats and dogs in the country. One-third of that population goes missing at some point in their lives. The sad news is that 80% of the pets reported missing is never found.

Thus, a cat tracker can help your pet be a part of the 20% that can still return home safe and sound.

Cat Tracker Mini Buying Guide

Now that you know what they are and what they can do for you, it is time to address what to look for when buying one.

Tracking Technology

The tracking technology employed in the construction of the apparatus will drastically impact the result. For starters, cats are very different from dogs and roam further away. Thus, if you live in a house rather than an apartment building, Bluetooth and radio signals might be a little short. On the other hand, GPS technology can cover a much larger ground if you have good coverage in your area.

Battery Life

Bear this in mind to find the best tracker for your cat because battery life is crucial to keep the tracker functional if your cat is lost.


In the case your cat knows the premises but you don’t want it going too far off, you can set up and activate a Geo-Fence and the device will let you know when the cat’s left it.

Location History

This is great if you are as curious as your cat. Especially if yours is like mine and likes wandering at night! Now I know exactly where the cat dudes meet in my neighborhood.

Live Updates

The time that it takes for the device to refresh on your cat’s whereabouts is crucial if your loved one is on the move. The shorter this timeframe is the more chances of getting it back to you.

Integrated SIM Card

Buying a device with an integrated SIM card means that your cat’s device will be online as long as it has coverage. Some come with a SIM and others allow the customer to choose one. In both scenarios, there’s a monthly fee for the SIM.

The Best Cat Trackers in the Market

Now that you are aware of what the perfect tracker for your cat needs to be like, let’s take a look at the options available in the market today.



Tractive’s device is so well-designed that it seems as if it was made by people who really love pets. This is because it is packed with virtually all the features you might need to be reunited with your loved furry ball if it has gone missing.

Ease of Use

To begin with, the setup is very simple and easy. All you need to do is download the app from Tractive (Android or iOS) and pair it with the water-proof device going in your pet’s collar. Moreover, if you have more than one Tractive for multiple cats, you can use them all with the same app.

Virtual Fence

If your cat is like mine and likes visiting friends in the neighborhood, you can set up a virtual fence. This way, whenever it leaves that zone, you’ll receive a push notification on your cellphone. This might even allow you to fetch your cat before it goes missing!

Real-Time Location

Tractive offers real-time location which is absolutely crucial to work with the Virtual Fence feature. Indeed, you’ll see a red dot with a trajectory line that will tell you exactly where your cat is at and where it came from.

Unlimited History

Personally, I think this feature is mind-blowing. You can access a registry of your cat’s historical whereabouts and also another tab in the app called “Activity Tracking”. This powerful yet simple activity summary allows you to find out how active or lazy your cat is. Furthermore, you can even learn how many hours of sleep a day it is getting. Let me tell you that my vet and I both think it is great to detect anomalies in the cat’s behavior and act earlier on disease prevention.


  • Easy to use
  • Historic information
  • Real-time tracking
  • Geo-fence feature
  • Activity monitor

Weenect 2


The Weenect 2 is a serious contender for the podium in terms of technology and ease of use. Let’s dive a little deeper into what this cat tracker can do.

Magnetic Charging Cradle

The first thing you notice before using the silicone case for the tracker is that it comes with a state-of-the-art magnetic charging cradle. This is not only great for practical reasons, but it also extends the life of your apparatus (no plugging parts that can deteriorate with use and time).

Dual Safety Zones

Being able to set up not only one but two safety zones is great for cat lovers who like roaming as much as their pets. This way, you can set a safe zone for different parts of the city. For example, you can tell the app to let you know when your cat has left the city park.

Superlive Mode

Just as the previous example, this cat tracker offers not only live, real-time location, but goes the extra mile to bring you the exact location, updated every 10 seconds. If your cat is around, you will definitely find it.

Call, Ring & Vibrate

In case you can’t access the spot or you get a notification while at work, you can call your cat. Yes, you’ve read correctly, you can call from the app itself and your voice comes out of a tiny speaker on your cat’s collar. Furthermore, you can also make it vibrate or ring to alert neighbors your cat is lost and you are searching for it.

Battery Notification

Finally, another great aspect about this cat tracker is that it will let you know with a push notification when it is running low on battery. This way, you can close the doors and windows, recharge it and set your loving furry friend free for the rest of the day with a fully charged battery.


  • Magnetic charger preserves the apparatus
  • Low-battery push notification
  • 10-second update in Superlive mode
  • Call, ring, and vibrate options available
  • Set up two safety zones

Bartun LTE GPS Tracker


Unlike the first trackers reviewed, this is not something you attach to your cat’s collar, but a collar itself. Let’s dig deeper into this gadget and see what it can do for cat safety.

Worldwide Location Tracking

With location power covering over 150 countries, there is no chance that your cat can escape your tracking device.


This unit supports GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS positioning, thus, when you set up the Geo-Fence, you’ll always get the notification if it leaves the premises.

Adjustable Collar

Although it is fully adjustable to accommodate cats in all sizes, if you want to, you can detach the device from the factory-provided collar and clip it to the cool one you just bought.

Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring in this device goes one step further than the rest allowing you to visualize how many calories your cat spent during the day.


  • Limitless tracking in over 150 countries
  • Monitor your cat’s activity to keep it healthy
  • Adjustable collar and detachable tracking device
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, and LBS positioning systems supported

Whistle Go Explore


Whistle Go put together an impressive package covering most ground the competition does and adding some distinctive touches. Let’s see what it hides under the hood.

Long Battery Life

The battery life in the Whistle Go Explore is astonishing; it can go for 20 days with a single charge. This is variable of course since you can activate a night light from the app consuming more battery.

Health Tracking

There are so many things you can do with the tracking in this device! You can even collect scratching and licking information as well as activity levels, distance, and calories. Moreover, you can send a 30-day report to your vet.

Chat With a Vet Feature

Speaking of which, your monthly subscription allows you to get on-demand vet help through chat, email, or even phone. Checking in on your cat’s health had never been easier.

3,000 Miles Location Tracker

With your subscription, you can get access to the 4G AT&T network and can track your pet wherever it is through Google Maps and the AT&T network.


  • Nationwide tracking
  • Activity tracking monitor
  • In-app vet help
  • 20-day battery life



Jiobit is not strictly designed for pets, but for all things on the move. You can attach it to any person, pet, vehicle, or even those keys you keep losing all the time. Let’s take a closer look.

Jiobit Data Plan

Although the Jiobit device requires a data plan to work properly, you don’t need to hire any additional mobile services. All you need to do is hire the service from the free app after downloading and pairing.

Data Security

Because it is not strictly designed for pets, data security in the Jiobit device is beyond US-government standards. Protecting the data concerning the whereabouts of your loved ones is a must these days.

Small & Light-Weight

Small enough to fit in a pet collar, an elderly person’s shoe or the pocket of your jacket, this device’s weight and size are part of its highlights.

No Distance Limits

You can track the Jiobit device at any given distance. Moreover, you can create safe zones with notifications. Thus, when your cat enters your house or leaves it, for example, you can get a pushed notification to your cellphone app.


  • Small and light-weight
  • Worldwide positioning system
  • Data security guaranteed
  • Data plan available from the company



Unlike the previous device, the Pawtrack product is designed exclusively for cats. So, all of us, cat lovers of the world, can be in peace when our friends go out exploring.

Designed for Cats

The great thing about a GPS collar designed for cats only is that they made it as light as 35 grams. This might seem like a detail but can be crucial for our little friend’s narrow escape from daily outdoors dangers.

Track Globally

Regardless of how bold your cat is in its outdoors explorations, with this device in its neck, there is no place far enough to escape its range. If it is on Planet Earth, you’ll find it.

Tracking at Its Best

Because of the Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS technology used in the manufacturing of this device, you’ll be able to find your cat regardless of how challenging the environment is.

Wi-Fi and Battery Saving

You can easily sync your Pawtrack device with the Wi-Fi network at home and save battery while your friend is rubbing against the furniture.


  • Designed especially for cats
  • Global tracking available
  • GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo tracking systems
  • Sync with your home Wi-Fi for battery saving



Pawfit is a cutting-edge device with the most modern technology available applied to cat-tracking. Let’s take a look at what this powerful device can do.

Use It on Your Smartwatch

You can now carry the safety of your beloved cat effortlessly on your wrist. Indeed, you can find the live location of your pet, turn on and off the light alarm function, and even use voice control to speak to your pet through it!

Safety Zone & Temperature Alerts

Finding evil dogs or cats in its adventure is not the only thing you should keep your cat safe from, also extreme temperatures. In this sense, the Pawfit device will push notifications when the temperature gets dangerous.

Activity Monitoring

Most devices like this one offer activity monitoring with historic data accumulation. Pawfit took that to the next level allowing you to set goals for your cat’s physical activity. This way, you’ll know when to reward them for being active and healthy.

Audio ID Tag

What is better than people reading your name on your pet’s collar? Have them listen to a full introduction with all the relevant information to restore your lost cat to you. Hey, you can even throw in a cool musical background while you talk!


  • Smartwatch compatible
  • Temperature and safe-zone alerts
  • Set goals for your cat’s activities
  • Include an audio ID tag

Cat Trackers & Microchips FAQs

Let’s knock down some myths and shed some light on this sensitive topic most people find closer to science fiction than reality. Ready? Here we go.

Can a Tracker Be Put On a Cat?

The answer is yes and no. Yes, you can attach a tracker to a cat, but no, you can’t install a tracker inside a cat.

Can a Chip Be Put On a Cat?

The answer is yes, depending on where you live in the world, it can be a very common practice. Furthermore, most vets and nurses are qualified to implant a microchip on your cat right between the shoulder blades.

How Much Does It Cost To Put a Tracking Chip in a Cat?

Again, depends on where you live in the world, but a common price for microchipping a cat is $45. This includes the registration in the pet recovery database and it is a one-time fee.

Is Microchipping Painful For Cats?

Microchipping a cat is not more painful than any injection. Moreover, the animal will feel nothing during or after the procedure has been carried on.

Is There a Yearly Fee for Microchips?

Registering the chip in the database (a procedure that some companies charge $19.99) is enough for the entire life of the animal. Thus, if you (God forbid) sell, give away, or put up for adoption your best friend, you can (and should) also transfer ownership of the chip.


I often refuse to say I am the tutor or the owner of my cat because it is more like a companionship in which it helps me go through my retirement years and I take good care and feed it. So, to me, it is more like parenting than owning.

What is certain is that all of us, cat lovers of the world, want the best for our companions.

In this sense, those in the need of a high-tech device that can help them find their cat lost in a city or a big town will favor either the Tractive or the Weenect 2 devices. Those who are more interested in tracking activity and gathering data will find the Pawfit and Whistle Go Explore units at the top of their list. Finally, those whose companions remain in the proximity might find the Pawtrack to be the perfect device.

That being said, any and all of these options can do their part in protecting your beloved friend from joining the 80% of missing pets that never made it back home.

Happy cat-loving week!

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