Robot Lawn Mowers for Large Lawns

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Having a lawn at home is such a lovely thing. Lawns add to the home's appeal, and keeping the lawn green ensures you have a wonderful view outside. However, keeping your lawn in the appropriate size can prove tricky after a while.

It is time-consuming to mow a yard every few weeks to keep the grass at the right size.

It is even harder when you live in a community that expects your yard to be well-manicured.

As a human being, you will need to take some time off and relax.

It can be hard to get motivated to mow the lawn after a long week at work. Most homeowners, at some point, choose to hire a gardener to do the yard.

It is expensive to hire a gardener every two weeks to keep the yard in good shape in the long run.

So, why not invest in a robotic lawn mower for large yards?

Husqvarna Automower 430X
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Husqvarna Automower 430X

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Husqvarna Automower 450X
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Husqvarna Automower 450X

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Robomow RS630
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Robomow RS630

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Robot Lawn Mowers for Large Lawns Comparison

Robot Lawn Mower Maximum Area Battery Type Battery Life Weight Maximum Gradient Price Range
Husqvarna Automower 310 0.25 acres Lithium-Ion 70 minutes 20.3 pounds 40% Medium
Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V 0.25 acres Lithium-Ion [1] 21.2 pounds 35% Medium
Husqvarna Automower 115H 0.4 acres Lithium-Ion 60 minutes 20.7 pounds 30% Medium
Husqvarna Automower 315 0.4 acres Lithium-Ion 70 minutes 19.8 pounds 40% Medium
Worx WR153 Landroid L 20V 0.5 acres Lithium-Ion [1] 22.9 pounds 35% Medium
Robomow RS622 0.75 acres Lithium-Ion 55-70 minutes 44 pounds 35% Premium
Husqvarna Automower 430X 0.8 acres Lithium-Ion 145 minutes 29.1 pounds 45% Premium
Robomow RS630 1.24 acres Lithium-Ferrum 80-100 minutes 44 pounds 35% Premium
Husqvarna Automower 450X 1.25 acres Lithium-Ion 270 minutes 30.6 pounds 45% Premium

[1] "Mow time can vary drastically due to several factors. The amount Landroid can mow on each charge becomes irrelevant because Landroid will mow every area of your yard over the course of a week always maintaining an evenly mowed lawn."

What Is a Robotic Lawn Mower?

A robotic lawn mower is an automated robot that cuts the grass on your lawns and yards, depending on the settings.

Most robotic lawn mowers for large lawns are programmable to the desired settings of a homeowner.

You can input various settings regarding your yard, and the robotic lawn mower will do exactly that.

The automated robot seeks to make homeowners' lives simpler by assisting them in maintaining a well-manicured lawn.

An automatic lawnmower's beauty is that the owner doesn't even need to be at home for it to work.

You can set up a schedule that suits you, and the robot lawnmower will get to work as you scheduled.

Talk about the stress-free maintenance of your home.

Should You Buy a Robot Lawn Mower?

The straight answer is yes.

Why should you spend your precious time on a chore like cutting grass, especially when you have a large yard?

A robotic lawn mower for large yard allows you to spend your free time doing things you enjoy, like spending time with friends and family.

The machines are simple to maintain, and they do the heavy work consistently without supervision.

The lawnmowers can work at night because they produce little noise and can't wake your neighbors up.

You can forget that you need to take care of your yard when you have an efficient machine.

There are a few maintenance requirements that you need to do to keep the mower in top condition.

You have to clean the underside of the machine and remove any stuck debris.

Also, you need to sharpen the blades periodically so that the machine can keep producing close cuts.

After a while, you will need to replace the blades since wear and tear will have made them useless.

Therefore, you need to avoid becoming complacent and skipping on the maintenance activities for your little robot.

Keeping up with the maintenance requirements ensures that the robotic lawn mower works as it should.

What Are the Basics of Robotic Lawn Mowers?

There are common basic features of robotic lawn mowers for large yards.

The most visible features are a plastic chassis that houses the blades, drive motors, wheels, sensors, and other essential electronic features.

The wheels of the mowers may vary depending on the size of the robot lawnmower.

The sensors in the lawnmowers are essential in detecting the obstacles so that the machine can go around.

Some of the sensors are for detecting the perimeter wire to keep the machine in your yard.

Most robot lawn mowers come with a cable you need to bury around your yard.

The perimeter wire emits a small voltage that notifies the robot when it is at the edge.

The cable also guides the machine back to the charging station when the battery is depleted.

The machines usually randomly mow the lawn.

Some robot lawnmowers are programmable to mow in a certain pattern.

The most popular mowing patterns include the spiral and V-shaped pattern.

You can opt for the mower to start at the edge of your lawn to reduce the trimming that you do on your lawn.

You need to check the maximum gradient of a robot lawnmower when you have slopes on your large yard.

The maximum gradient shows the highest level of inclination that the robot mower can cut grass comfortably.

Most robot mowers cannot do a slope that is more than 20 degrees.

You can consult with your gardener to see whether you can try to flatten some of the lawn slopes.

Otherwise, you will need someone to cut grass manually on steep slopes.

The Best Robotic Lawn Mowers for Large Yards

Lawns that are roughly 0.25 acres in size and above can be hectic to keep in good shape.

You have to keep a schedule when the lawn needs mowing again and spend time under the scorching sun mowing.

Having a robotic lawn mower makes the responsibility of keeping your lawn in tip-top shape much easier.

This list includes lawnmowers that homeowners with big yards should consider investing in to reduce yard work.

The machines are in no particular order, and they include all price ranges.

Additionally, some mowers can handle medium to large yards effortlessly.

Take your time and see which robot mower is suitable for your needs.

The mowers are from different companies, and they possess different characteristics depending on the manufacturer.

Husqvarna Automower 310

Husqvarna automower 310

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.25 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: 70 minutes

Weight: 20.3 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 40%

Price Range: Medium

The Husqvarna Automower 310 is user-friendly and is highly reliable to homeowners.

It is highly rated with most homeowners showing a high level of satisfaction from using the product.

You will be getting an efficient automatic robot that will keep your lawn neat at a reasonable price.

It takes a short while to do the installation even for individuals who aren’t tech-savvy.


The robot lawnmower is highly reliable to keep the grass short on your lawn.

It can cut grass in open lawns as well as narrow strips of grass.

Once you have programmed your settings into the machine, it will function well on its own.

It can cut both long and short grass, but you may need to reduce the size of long grass for faster results.

It doesn't move in a specific pattern.

Therefore, it doesn't leave any marks on the lawn.

Note that the mower moves in a spiral pattern when cutting long grass for efficiency.

The machine can handle slopes as well as flat surfaces.


The Husqvarna Automower 310 allows app connection through Bluetooth.

Husqvarna is a big brand, and it is a little frustrating that the default connectivity is Bluetooth. You cannot use a Wi-Fi connection directly to the machine.

You can buy the company's Automower Connect Kit to monitor the mower on a map for more functionality.

You can connect the automower to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Watch for remote access.

The connect kit allows you to change the schedule remotely and get a notification when you are away.

Installation and Setup

The product comes with a PDF user manual, one guide cable, and perimeter wire.

You don't need to be a genius to install the perimeter and guidewire.

The manual provides clear instructions for users to follow and properly do the installation.

You can program the machine using your phone or through the display screen.

You can create a schedule for the mower and change it as you like depending on the season.


Although the Husqvarna Automower 310 does an amazing job, it is disappointing that it only supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Homeowners need to spend more money to upgrade the connectivity options of the machine.

Additionally, the gadget tends to slip on damp terrain or when the wheels are entangled on the grass.

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Worx WR140 Landroid M 20V Cordless Robotic Lawn Mower

Worx wr140 landroid m 20 v cordless robotic lawn mower

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.25 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: [1]

Weight: 21.2 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 35%

Price Range: Medium

The Worx WR140 robotic lawn mower design enables it to learn about your lawn and suggest the optimum cutting schedule.

The feature takes out all the guesswork in deciding the best way to take care of the lawn.

The design also allows the machine to cut grass closer to the perimeter, reducing the trimming you have to do.


The Worx WR140 simplifies your life by ensuring that your lawn is neat all the time.

It can handle a variety of terrains seamlessly, making it ideal for different types of lawns.

It is a robotic lawn mower for large yards that can suggest an efficient schedule for cutting grass.

It has a sensor that prompts it to go back to the charging station in case of rain.


You can connect to the mower with Wi-Fi from the app.

The app lets you control the mower remotely, and you can receive a notification when the mower leaves the premises.

The security feature comes in handy in preventing the occurrence of theft.

A robotic lawnmower is not cheap, and a thief can be tempted to take it whenever you are not around.

You can change the schedule via the app if you don't like the suggested schedule.

Installation and Setup

The mower comes with a set of clear instructions that assist homeowners in set up and installation.

The instructions come in handy for people who are not tech-savvy.

You will get the necessary accessories like staples, perimeter wire, and blades.

Once you are through with the installation, you can sit back and enjoy having a neat yard.


The machine is a bit small, and it can't cut on yards that are bigger than the maximum recommended area.

Otherwise, it is an excellent machine for individuals looking to have remote control over the gadget.


[1] "Mow time can vary drastically due to several factors. The amount Landroid can mow on each charge becomes irrelevant because Landroid will mow every area of your yard over the course of a week always maintaining an evenly mowed lawn."

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Husqvarna Automower 430X

Best choice badge

Husqvarna automower 430x

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.8 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: 145 minutes

Weight: 29.1 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 45%

Price Range: Premium

The Husqvarna Automower 430X model is among the best robot lawn mowers available in 2020.

It is competent and can work through most of the debris that falls during autumn.

The machine is hardy and boasts many user-friendly features that homeowners can enjoy using.

The 430X model comes with a premium price tag, but it will be worth every penny that you spend.


First of all, the machine can cut twice as much as the recommended maximum area without struggling.

It can handle different terrains fairly well, making it an excellent option for uneven yards.

It produces a low noise so you can use it during the night without disturbing your neighbors.

It makes maintaining a tough yard a simple activity.

You can use it if you have a lot of trees in your yard, even acorn trees.

The mower can handle leaves, small branches, acorns, pines, and other debris that will fall in your garden during autumn.


The product supports IFFT connectivity, making it simple to connect it to your smart home devices.

IFFT refers to Inverse Fast Fourier Transform, and it produces a signal that helps different apps work together harmoniously.

No matter your phone brand, you will connect to the robot lawnmower using the app.

You can use the connection to see the machine's location in real-time and where it has been.

You will get a notification when it starts working on your lawn.

Also, the connection supports Gardena's Smart Garden System for homeowners who use the app.

The Gardena Smart App allows homeowners to take care of their gardens when away from home.

The app supports remote scheduling for the sprinklers, mowing your lawn, and checks your lawn's moisture level.

You can track how your lawn and garden are doing using Gardena Smart App.

Installation and Setup

The machine comes with a PDF full of user instructions, and you can watch a video clip with installation instructions.

The user-friendly software and app make it a breeze to program the machine to the settings that you like.

You will get a perimeter wire and guide cable that will help keep the machine inside your lawn.

Also, you will get nine extra blades when you buy the premium automower.


The 430X model doesn't support remote system upgrades, which means you need to take it to a shop in case of a bug.

It seems a little inconvenient for the price you pay that the machine doesn't support remote software upgrades.

You will know when the system is misbehaving since you will get notifications when the machine goes into action.

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Husqvarna Automower 315

Husqvarna automower 315

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.4 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: 70 minutes

Weight: 19.8 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 40%

Price Range: Medium

The Husqvarna Automower 315 is an excellent buy for anyone looking to test out robot lawnmowers.

It comes with a variety of settings that you can choose depending on your needs.

You will be getting a reliable robot mower for your yard.


The robotic lawn mower can handle a variety of terrains seamlessly.

It can cut grass on slopes or flat landscapes.

It is strong and cuts grass evenly according to the height you choose.

It is quiet, making it an ideal gadget for mowing the yard at night.

The machine provides high performance for the price point.


You will have to stand close to the mower when you want to change the app's settings.

It might have been nice to be able to connect to the automower using Wi-Fi.

It only allows for connectivity using Bluetooth.

You can always use the display on the machine to input the settings that you want.

Installation and Setup

You will receive a user manual to help you with the installation and setup.

You will have to install the perimeter wire to keep the machine within the confines of your lawn.

The gadget comes with an awesome navigation solution to guide the machine to the charging station.

The workstation emits a signal that the machine can follow within a 6-meter radius.

The signal is useful for lawns that are partitioned.

You can always install a guideline to act as a shortcut for the robot lawnmower to the charging station.


The body of the machine is delicate and gets scratches easily.

The gadget may come into contact with obstacles from time to time, and get scratched.

Additionally, the Bluetooth connection to the gadget isn't that strong.

You may be forced to use the display screen to make changes other than the mobile app.

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Robomow RS622 Robotic Lawn Mower

Robomow rs622

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.75 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Weight: 44 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 36%

Price Range: Premium

The Robomow RS622 has a simple design, but it can do a lot of work for its size.

It works on short grass, but it can cut long grass when the need arises.

The installation process is simple, and you can make changes using the mobile app.


The RS622 model is wider than other models, but it will provide excellent performance for a yard that is an acre.

The mower handles uneven terrain well and can climb a slope of up to 35 degrees, which is more than the manufacturer's recommendation.

It comes with a sensor that sends it to the docking station when it starts to rain.

If the work is incomplete, the mower will come out and continue once the rain is over.

The feature is wonderful for homeowners who are never at home to monitor the yard.


You can connect the machine to your Smartphone for simple access.

You can monitor the progress of the mower remotely as you enjoy your free time.

The mower has a Smartmow feature that makes the machine work 10% faster than the standard lawnmower.

Therefore, your lawn will be complete within a short duration.

You can make the necessary change to the mowing schedule remotely, depending on the season.

Installation and Setup

Like any Robomow device, the RS622 mower is simple to set up and install.

The gadget comes with a user manual that provides all the necessary information.

Following the instructions step by step will help you input your desired settings.

It is automatically programmed to protect itself from the rain to prevent any possible damage.


It is a bit expensive, and it doesn't cut grass for a large area.

For the price, the mower could do at least 1-acre.

Overall, it is a strong and fast machine that will keep your lawn looking clean and neat.

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Robomow RS630 Robotic Lawn Mower

Best value badge

Robomow rs630

Key Features

Maximum Area: 1.24 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ferrum

Battery Life: 80-100 minutes

Weight: 44 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 35%

Price Range: Premium

The Robomow RS630 comes with a 26V battery that ensures that you get a clean and neat cut.

The battery life makes it simple for the gadget to cut grass on your lawn.

It can handle up to three quarters of an acre without any hassle.

It also comes with various features that will simplify the lives of homeowners who don't have the time to cut grass.


The robot mower has a sleek appearance that can make it seem like it can’t handle mowing a large yard.

However, it can handle a variety of terrains in a large yard.

It cuts grass depending on the height you've set, and it does it in a fast manner.

Once the area is complete, the machine will head back to the charging station.

It comes with a rain sensor, which prompts the mower to head back to the docking station.

You don't need to worry about the machine getting rained on when you are away from home.


The robotic lawn mower allows connectivity to the app through Bluetooth.

You can access your device from anywhere and make any changes necessary.

You can connect the app to Alexa and use voice commands to change the course of the mower.

The device comes with an anti-theft and safety system.

You will get a notification when the machine is picked of flips to the side.

Installation and Setup

The installation and setup process is simple.

The product comes with all the necessary pieces, including the perimeter wire, pegs, and guidewire.

There are clear instructions on how to set up the perimeter wire and charging station.

It also takes a short while to set a schedule and specify the size you want the grass cut.


The front wheels tend to get stuck often in rough terrain.

You may have to go out and rectify the mower when there are ditches on your yard.

Also, the replacement parts for the robot mower are a bit expensive.

You will have to replace the wheels after a few years, and it will be costly.

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Husqvarna Automower 450X

Premium pick badge

Husqvarna automower 450x

Key Features

Maximum Area: 1.25 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: 270 minutes

Weight: 30.6 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 45%

Price Range: Premium

The Husqvarna Automower 450X is the best robotic lawn mower for large yards.

It can mow an area of 1.25 acres and has a battery life of 270 minutes.

It comes with various accessories, including a headlight, ultrasound sensor, built-in antenna, perimeter wire, and guide cable.

It is bigger than the average robot lawnmower, but it also offers high performance.


The 450X model can handle multiple terrains with ease, and it stays for a long duration without returning to the charging station.

You can rest easy if you have a yard that has trees and shrubs.

The ultrasound sensor assists the machine in identifying obstacles and preventing collusion.

Therefore, the mower can navigate safely around your lawn when cutting grass.

It is an excellent choice for mowing uneven terrain that includes slopes and ditches.


The machine has an app that keeps you informed at all times about the activities.

You can adjust the direction or the cutting height using your phone.

You will get a notification when it stops working or when it is stuck.

You can see the real-time location of the lawnmower on your yard through the app.

It is simple to adjust the device's settings as the season's change and the grass changes' growth rate.

Installation and Setup

The machine comes with an instruction manual and a video clip that has installation instructions.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to be able to set up the robotic lawnmower correctly.

You can place up to three guide cables in your yard to help the mower back to the charging station.

The mower can be useful in commercial yards or yards that are subdivided with corridors.

The guide cables act as shortcuts for the gadget to follow back to its station.


The 450X model is a luxury robotic lawnmower.

It has a delicate body that can easily get scratches.

The ultrasound sensor helps the machine to identify obstacles and avoid them.

However, low hanging shrubs can still scratch the machine and ruin the appearance.

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Worx WR153 Landroid L 20V Robotic Lawn Mower With GPS

Worx landroid wr153

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.5 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: [1]

Weight: 22.9 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 35%

Price Range: Medium

The Worx WR153 is bigger than most robotic lawn mowers for large yards.

Like the WR140 model, the WR153 model provides excellent service to homeowners.

The product comes with all the necessary accessories, including pegs, docking station, perimeter wire, guidewire, and a charging station.


The Landroid can do close cuts around the perimeter, ensuring that you take a short time to do the trimming.

It also suggests the optimum schedule to keep your lawn in tip-top shape.

You can choose to follow the suggested schedule or create your own.

It comes with an anti-collision feature that helps it to navigate in a yard that has obstacles.

Overall, it cuts the grass on an acre area without any hassle.

However, it can have some issues cutting grass on highly steep terrain.

It has a rain sensor that sends it to the docking station when it is about to rain.


You can connect to the Landroid using the app and apply the setting you like for the machine.

It is simple to control the gadget using the app.

The model comes with a Find My Landroid module that allows you to track your Landroid when stolen.

The module uses GPS and sends an alert once the machine leaves the perimeter wire.

The Find My Landroid feature works excellently, and you can find your mower in real-time.

It is also simple to set up the feature and input the details of your location.

Installation and Setup

The machine comes with all the necessary hardware to make it functional.

There are clear instructions on setting up the perimeter wall, charging station, and grass cutting specification.

You can create a mowing schedule for your yard.

The Landroid will learn your yard and provide suggestions about the best mowing schedule for your yard.


Sometimes, the Landroid slips through the grass and loses traction.

Other times it flattens grass instead of cutting it.

On both occasions, you will need to run the mower in that area again to ensure that the grass is cut appropriately.

It is disappointing that the robot mower can slip on dry grass and skip an area without cutting the grass.


[1] "Mow time can vary drastically due to several factors. The amount Landroid can mow on each charge becomes irrelevant because Landroid will mow every area of your yard over the course of a week always maintaining an evenly mowed lawn."

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Husqvarna Automower 115H

Husqvarna automower 115h

Key Features

Maximum Area: 0.4 acres

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Life: 60 minutes

Weight: 20.7 pounds

Maximum Gradient: 30%

Price Range: Medium

The Husqvarna Automower 115H is ideal for medium yards, although some customers use it for large yards like one acre.

It is a sweet alternative for homeowners who want to try a robot lawnmower.

The machine doesn't come with a premium price tag like other Husqvarna auto mowers.

It does provide excellent service, and it is a low maintenance gadget.


The automower is all weatherproof, and you can watch it go on a sunny or rainy day.

The machine can cut the grass when it is extremely hot, and it can handle light rainfall.

Once the rainfall increases, it will move back to the docking station.

You can enjoy watching the robot do its job once you have fully set it up.


You can connect to the device using Bluetooth.

However, the device doesn't include GPS capabilities.

You will also have to adjust the blades manually because you cannot use the app to adjust the height of the blades.

The app provides excellent control over the machine.

You can control the machine up to 100ft away.

You cannot connect it to the internet, and you will be unable to monitor the mower away from home.

Installation and Setup

The product comes with all the necessary accessories, and a user manual to help you set it up.

Once you have input the settings you desire to the automower; you can enjoy having a perfectly manicured lawn.

The machine keeps up with the schedule, and it doesn't fail to cut the grass when it falls due.

The grass in your yard will always be the right size when using the 115H model.


The 115H Automower is a stripped-down version of other premium models, and therefore it lacks some features.

It doesn't have GPS capabilities, and homeowners cannot see the machine's activities when they are away from home.

Also, you have to adjust the level of the blades using a knob manually.

Overall, it is an excellent starting machine for homeowners.

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Buyers Guide

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Robotic Lawn Mower for Large Yards

When buying a lawnmower for a small yard, the factors you will consider will vary from the ones you consider when buying one for large yards.

Understanding the things you need to look for in a robotic lawnmower for a large lawn will help you make the right decision.

Here are some of the factors that should significantly weigh in on your decision.

Maximum Recommended Area

The maximum recommended area is the area that a robotic lawn mower can clear effortlessly.

The recommended area should act as a guideline to help you identify the right mower for your lawn.

Therefore, you need to know the size of your lawn before making a buying decision.

It is not a must that you find a mower that can do the whole lawn in one session.

You can look for one that takes 2-3 sessions to cut grass on the whole lawn.

Most robotic lawn mowers allow you to create a schedule for mowing the lawn.

You can use the app to direct the mower to the area you want it to cut grass.

Battery Life

The time that your robot lawn mower's battery lasts will determine the amount of time spent cutting grass.

Short battery life means that the mower will cut grass for a short while and go back to the charging station.

It makes the process of cutting grass on a large yard hectic.

You need to find a robotic lawn mower with a battery life of at least 60 minutes.

You can find robot lawn mowers that can last up to 270 minutes after a single charge.

However, most mowers with big batteries tend to have a premium price tag.


You must buy a robotic lawn mower that is of the highest quality.

If you can, find one that retails at a premium price.

Buying a high-quality robotic lawn mower for a large surface area can ensure that you spend the next 5-10 years without buying another.

Additionally, high-quality lawn mowers will give you a quality cut.

You need to find a robot lawnmower that shreds the grass into small pieces that become fertilizer.

Buying a mower that cuts big chunks will force you to rake the grass and dispose of it, taking up your precious time.


Online reviews are a good source of information on whether a product is worth buying.

There are so many online stores that people take the time to leave reviews for their fellow customers.

The robotic lawnmowers in this article have amazing reviews from users with large yards.

You can check out the reviews on Amazon and read what other customers have to say.

Easy to Use

It can be frustrating to buy a new gadget only to take hours during the assembly process or set up.

You need a product that comes with a user manual and, if possible, a video with installation instructions.

Videos are simple to follow when you are installing something new.

You need to install the perimeter wire, guide cable, and set up the docking station with ease.

Most robotic lawn mowers for large yards require you to input instructions on how the mower will operate.

You need to find a mower with a user-friendly interface to be able to program the mower fast.


A robotic lawn mower for large lawns doesn't come cheap.

You may have to cough up a lot of money if you have an extra-large yard.

That is not to say that there aren't budget-friendly options.

It is up to you to consider a mower's performance against the price you are willing to pay.


Lawnmowers tend to have sharp blades, and robotic ones are no different.

You can turn on your mower at night to prevent kids and animals from getting close to it.

Ideally, you need to look for a machine that automatically stops spinning the blades when picked or flipped.

Be sure to warn your kids about the danger of touching the blades of the robot mower.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I Use a Robot Lawn Mower?

The frequency in which you use the mower will depend mostly on your schedule and your yard.

If you have a fast-growing type of grass, you will need to cut the grass frequently.

Also, you may have to mow frequently during the warmer seasons when grass grows faster.

Try to find a schedule that suits your yard the best.

However, some manufacturers may advise that you use the mower daily to cut a little bit off the top every day.

Is It Safe to Use a Robot Lawn Mower When It Is Rainy?

There are robot lawn mowers that can work well during rainy weather.

However, most of them work well during dry weather conditions.

You can check whether the robot mower you buy has an in-built sensor for rain.

A sensor ensures that the mower goes back to the shelter when it starts to rain.

Do Robotic Mowers Come With Accessories?

Some robotic lawn mowers come with all the accessories you need for the setup while others don't come with the accessories.

Be sure to read the product's content to ensure you have all the information before purchasing it.

Some of the necessary accessories include a perimeter wire, guide cable, staples, and tools.

What’s the Purpose of a Perimeter Wire?

As the name suggests, a perimeter wire tells the robot the boundaries of your property.

You will relax and watch the automower work on your yard, particularly when you don't have a fence.

It takes a short while to install the perimeter wire, and it is more useful on properties with irregular shapes.


A robotic lawn mower can reduce the guilt you undergo when you have an overgrown yard but are too tired to cut the grass.

You can keep your lawn in good shape and relax at the same time.

The robot machine does a fantastic job when you apply the right settings.

The initial cost of buying a robot lawnmower may be high.

However, you can reap the benefits for ten years with minimal maintenance on the machine.

So why are you waiting?

Get yourself a new robotic lawnmower and keep your large yard clean and neat at all times.

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Does your garden have surfaces with steep and prominent slopes? Then you need a robot lawnmower for slopes that can overcome them effortlessly.

Author Image By SCRAPP:E Robot Lawn Mowers for 1 Acre and Above Domestic

I have created a list of popular robot mowers capable of covering one acre or more of land based on the manufacturers' information.

Author Image By SCRAPP:E Robot Lawn Mowers With Grass Collector Domestic

You would have thought that with the rapid advancements in technology over recent years that someone would of at least invented a robot lawnmower with grass collector.

Author Image By SCRAPP:E Robot Lawn Mowers With WiFi Domestic

More owners are looking for robot lawn mowers with WiFi connectivity because most homes have WiFi. Here are the best robotic lawn mowers with WiFi.

Author Image By SCRAPP:E Robot Lawn Mowers With GPS (Without Perimeter Wires) Domestic

Here, we will explicitly discuss everything about robot lawn mowers and their latest type: a robot lawn mower with GPS without perimeter wire.