Robot Lawn Mowers With Grass Collector

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Grass clippings and a conventional lawnmower

I'll be honest when I first heard I was a little angry and felt cheated. After all, I have a toaster that browns my bread in the morning. I can put my bag of rice in the microwave, safe in the knowledge it will be ready and piping hot within two minutes and if the heavens open and it pours down of rain I needn't worry because I can toss my laundered clothes in the tumble knowing they'll come out nice and dry. So why on earth do I have to go around picking my grass cuttings up after it's been cut with a robot lawnmower?

You try and find a robot lawnmower with grass collector; they're as rare as the dinosaur!

I don't have to get my rice out after one minute and finish it off myself, neither do I have to start swinging my underpants around in the air to get them dry because the dryer has only done half the job.

So why do I have to pick my grass clippings up?

I must confess.

I'm one of those people who jump to conclusions before getting the full facts, which is what I'd clearly done here.

As far as I was concerned, the grass cuttings from a robot lawnmower were the same as those from a conventional mower.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

It was then that I realized.

Who needs a robot lawnmower with bag?

Not me, that's for sure.

Now for the science bit

When a conventional mower is used, the clipping is removed from the ground, taking away the nutrients, and tossed away for recycling.

That's fine as far as doing our bit for the environment is concerned.

But what about our lawn?

When we remove these nutrients, it's likely to have an adverse effect on that lovely grass of ours.

The possibility of mine and your lawn remaining healthy is drastically reduced, and it will also have an impact on future growth.

So, what did I discover about robot lawn mowers that turned my disappointment into delight before you could say the word Flymo?

Well, to put it simply, when a robot lawnmower cuts the grass, it mulches the clippings.

Don't you just love that word, mulch?

It sounds so green and environmentally friendly, and that's because it is.

Now for the magic

The nutrients we took out of the soil during the cut are now returned as the fine pieces of clippings make their way into the ground, effectively acting as a fertilizer: but a natural one.

This not only saves us money on fertilizer, but it also gives us a more healthy green lawn and more robust future growth.


You would have thought that with the rapid advancements in technology over recent years that someone would of at least invented a robot lawnmower with grass collector.

It's only when we do a little research and start to understand how these machines work, that we should be happy that nobody has.

Happy mulching, everyone.

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